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A TYPE - Round Cap Dust Filter Cartridges
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Round Type Dust Filter Cartridges

Characteristics of normal spun bonded polyester media are high strength, long service life, resistance to high filtration velocity, low price, but low filtration precision, etc. This product could be applied in dust removing that is large diameter, dry, low viscosity, and high emission concentration.

Type A--- Cylindrical Series

For powder coating dusting& painting equipment & metal surface coating

Model Name: A-PET-3290F1

Dimensions: Φ325*Φ215*900MM

Media Type: PET-F1/260

Filter Media: 100% spun bonded polyester 

Filtration Area: 14.6m2

Metal treatment: Powder spray coating metal/stainless steel mesh

Top/bottom end cap: Open/closed/hole

Filtration precision: 5μm

Remarks: other changes will be depended on the demand of client

Round Type Dust Filter Cartridges: ANTI-STATIC

Aluminum coated media is coated with a layer of conductive aluminum to make it being anti-static and anti-explosion. in addition, we can add oil, water, dirt repellent treatment on the material according to actual situation. This series are not applicable for environments of acid, alkaline, and high humidity.


a. Air Permeability was tested at P=200Pa.

b. Filtration Precision, this data refers to the minimum grade of particle size that can be effectively blocked before the initial "dustcake" is established. In the practical using processes, we can improve the filtration precision by using correct filtration velocity, and establishing stable initial "dustcake", etc.

c. Filtration Efficiency was tested by using 8-12 micron 325 mesh talcum powder as test dust with the filtration speed ≤ 1.2m/ min and the concentration of dust (4±0.5) g/m3, after more than 5 times cleaning process, filter media makes a good effect on the ratio of filter effectively blocking dust and the total quantity of dust. (JB/T 10341-2014)

d. Filtration Precision Level is tested at the beginning of using, by ASHARE52.2 in USA or EN779 in Europe.

The various functions of the filter media can be combined with each other, please contact us with your special needs.

All technical parameters are for reference only (test data may deviate due to test different conditions and equipment), we reserve the right of making changes without prior notice.

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